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Apparel Specialists

Warwick knows apparel. We work with clients to design programs to handle thousands of SKUs, whether they are hanging, folded or boxed.


We have shipped millions of apparel units over the years, ranging from cashmere sweaters to organic items, coats, dresses, suits, shoes and accessories. We love to apply our accumulated expertise to benefit our new apparel clients.



Female Clothes Model 2
  • We handle Direct to ConsumerRetail Replenishment and Wholesale order fulfillment, often simultaneously from a common inventory. We are comfortable with orders ranging from a single item up to thousands of units.

  • Receiving processes are completely flexible. Some clients control their manufacturing and ask us to simply assume receipt of their inbound inventory. Others need for us to perform rigorous quality control checks on inbound inventory. We can also apply poly bags, UPCs or retail tags to inventory as it arrives.

  • Warwick offers 4 different ways for your customer to handle returns, each with its own blend of cost, control and convenience. Our specialists scan inbound returns to ensure accuracy. We can then triage your returns, designating them for refurbishment, donation or trash based upon your specifications. We apply new poly bags and labels as necessary; and we can steam or dry-clean items before returning them to inventory.

  • No client likes to pay dimensional weight charges, and we have developed two ways to avoid them with apparel orders. Combined with our creative shipping options, we can ship your items for less than you’re paying now.

  • We offer a full range of personalization services, from gift wrapping to customer-written gift notes,  embroidery, and hot foil stamping, all done by our people in our facility.

Have you got a new challenge for us? We’d love to hear about it.

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