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Technology & Integration

Fulfillment is complicated. Each order (and there are thousands daily) relies upon the flawless orchestration of multiple technology systems. A lot can go wrong. But you don't need to worry. Warwick's internal development team can build every bridge that is needed between our systems and any others that are a part of your distribution ecosystem. The odds are good that we have already built those bridges.

Our roots are in technology, and we are unique in that we employ an internal professional staff of developers and networking specialists to build bridges between our systems and those of clients, shippers, eCommerce platforms, and retail management systems. At any given time, Warwick is maintaining several dozen active integrations, and we are always building more. Here are a few of the initiatives that we have recently completed:

  • Fully-Integrated Smart Shipping

We built a ground-up web application built that interfaces with all major parcel carriers.  This allows Warwick to generate shipping and return labels, to void shipments, and to generate manifest files. Users can to generate reports and view shipping history for any package or tracking number. The system displays friendly error messages and helpful suggestions directly from the carrier to streamline the handling of shipping errors. 


  • Streamlined Omni-Channel Returns

Warwick designed a streamlined return process to provide a consistent interface for processing returns and exchanges.  Omni-channel communications are handled with an identical workflow, with support for Shopify, Returnly, Skubana, Retail Ops, Authorize.Net, PayPal, and more. Users can view product images, reporting history, and error messages.

  • Cloud-Based Telephony

We leveraged a third party cloud provider to connect to the traditional telephone system, generating greater operational flexibility and call center capacity, as well as substantial cost savings for clients.

Selected Integration Partners
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