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Everyone loves food, but we love it more than most folks. Food fulfillment is fun. It always brings unique challenges, and tackling distinctive requirements is at the heart of what we most love to do.


FDA Certified? Absolutely. We’ve handled food products from pasta to pastries, gourmet chocolates, meats, fine cheeses, cheesecakes, olive oil, alcoholic beverages and ice cream.

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Food requires sanitary handling practices, very clean facilities and often refrigeration or freezer space. It requires that the handler be expert in the use of lot tracking and batch codes, FIFO and expiration date management. We’ve done all of this successfully for years, and we’re still doing it today.


A few examples...

  • A European food importer came to us worried that the shipping carrier was going to shut them down because over 10% of their glass bottles were breaking in transit, fouling equipment and soiling neighboring parcels. We worked with the client, the shipper and our packaging suppliers to design a cost-effective solution that reduced breakage by 90%. That was a decade ago. We’re still shipping for the client today.

  • Shipping refrigerated products is hard because cost-effective solutions vary over both time and geography. Anyone could pack 5 pounds of dry ice in each package, but dry ice is both heavy at shipment and bulky, creating a double cost penalty. Warwick uses predictive analysis using destination and weather inputs to determine whether a food parcel must ship with dry ice, or whether we can save you money by substituting cheaper-to-ship gel packs or thermal insulation.

  • Belgian chocolates are edible works of art, but not so much if they bloom an unappetizing film of sugar or fat on the surface. Working with our client, we developed a rigid protocol for tempering the product as we gradually raised its temperature to condition it for shipping to consumers around the country. The chocolates arrived looking beautiful and worthy of their price.

Want to talk about your food-related project? Let's do it!

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