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Warwick Implements Cubiscan Technology


In November 2014, Warwick installed a Cubiscan, a well-recognized brand synonymous with dimensioning and weighing system to experts around the world. Cubiscan utilizes three dimensional laser imaging to measure and record the dimensions and of every carton as it comes down the Warwick shipping line. The measurement data is then recorded and transmitted to the shipping carrier.

The inclusion of Cubiscan technology, in the shipping process, allows for accurate rate shopping. Rate shopping would be inaccurate without the dimensional data and absent the Cubiscan technology, securing the dimensional data would take the form of a slower, manual process.

Additionally, the dimensional data can be exported by order number and analyzed. The analysis of this information can be used by brands and manufacturers in the marketing of products. For example, the data can help in developing kitted products that increase average order value while at the same time reducing the shipping cost to order value ratio. 

Shipping Changes
Effective December 29, 2014, major shipping carriers will put in place dimensional weight pricing on all ground shipments.


The weight of all ground packages will be assessed based package height x width x length divided by 166 for US shipments.


For example, 6 x 6 x 6" package with an actual weight of 1lbs will have a dimensional weight of 216 divided by 166 OR 1.3lbs.


Under the new shipping rules, this 6 x 6 x 6 package will ship out based on 2lbs. vs. its actual weight of 1lbs.


So, what can a brand or manufacturer do to get help with this major change in the shipping industry? Outsourcing to a qualified fulfillment provider is just one way to gain expertise and technology to help manage this and other changes in the market place.

Warwick to use Cubiscan data with Packsize to Generate Boxes Customized to Content Dimensions


Warwick plans to expand the use of the Cubiscan to record the dimensions of products during the receiving process. In turn this data will feed to Warwick's Packsize machine which makes on demand corrugated boxes that fit the exact dimensions of a given order. 

The Packsize technology is particularly beneficial to ecommerce clients whose consumer orders are often composed of products that vary in size and dimensions. With the dimension of each product known and available in Warwick's systems, the combination of each order's dimensions can be factored so that just the right sized outer shipping carton is used.


Warwick Implements Technological Solutions to Assist with Dimensional Shipping Rules


Decemeber 2014


The Cubiscan also insures the shipping carrier invoices based on the dimensional rate at the time of shipment. If the carton's dimensional data is not provided to the shipper at time of shipment, the carrier may initially invoice based on the "actual weight" rate structure. However,the shipping carrier will then issue a secondary invoice for the same carton in the amount of the difference between the actual weight rate and the dimensional weight rate. This can make it difficult to tie the shipping cost to a particular order thus making it difficult to analyze shipping costs across all orders.

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