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Warwick Adds New Fulfillment Senior Executive

Earlier this month, Mike Wilt, President of Warwick Fulfillment Solutions (WFS), announced that Jack Dellose joined the WFS team as co-owner and EVP/CFO. Mike Wilt and Jack Dellose are no strangers to a successful fulfillment partnership. In fact, their former partnership, Interactive Marketing Services, Inc. , (IMS) grew from under $4 Million to over $32 Million in fulfillment and customer care revenue, and from 50 to over 700 full time employees, before selling the company to NewRoads (now GSI Commerce, an ebay Enterprise). The success of this partnership and its approach to business is what drove IMS' growth and led to a client roster that boasted accounts such as Avon,Abercrombie & Fitch, and Godiva Chocolatier, to name just a few. "Mike and I enjoyed success in the fulfillment industry and I look forward to building on Warwick's successes to date. Both Mike and I feel the market has a continued need for a fulfillment expertise that realizes the difference between logistics and fulfillment, and a company that is focused on its clients and employees rather than one fixated on market caps and IPOs," stated Jack Dellose.

Mike and Jack share a passion for the fulfillment industry, and a business philosophy rooted in the desire to achieve long term mutually beneficial relationships with their clients. Embracing technical solutions and maintaining a positive work environment goes a long way toward achieving these goals. Under their leadership, many cutting edge services and solutions have been developed by their fulfillment teams. One such example was the introduction of an innovative call center with an avant-garde approach to customer contact, effectively recreating the store environment at the customer care center to mirror the retail experience telephonically for the caller. Another illustration of a technology driven solution included building a system specifically to determine the optimum packing materials to guarantee food products in-home arrival at just the right temperature, by considering weather information between shipping and destination points, as well as time in transit. Together Wilt and Dellose will continue the success of Warwick and build on their combined track record in the fulfillment industry. "It was once said to me that if you survive your first holiday season in fulfillment, you will never leave it. That has proven to be the case for Jack, myself and our team. We all share a passion for this business which we believe differentiates us. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and offer solutions that meet our clients' needs," stated Mike Wilt, President of Warwick Fulfillment Solutions.

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