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We Build Bridges for Brands

Here at Warwick, we are in the business of helping our clients to fulfill their promises to customers. Successful marketers do an outstanding job of identifying opportunities to delight customers with the right products at the right price. They then work hard to ensure that those customers are able to find those deals. Once that happens, success is simply a matter of literally delivering the goods.

Good marketers generate sales. and U.S. package carriers deliver about 50 million packages each day. The gap between the two is the fulfillment process: the actions required to transform online sales into goods on customers' porches. This is what we do.

There are over 20,000 companies providing outsourced fulfillment services in the U.S., ranging from sole proprietors working in a garage to multi-location corporations with millions of square feet of warehouses. Warwick's segment of the market is utilizing its internal IT team to design and deploy specialized technology and operations solutions to bridge disparate systems between mid-sized clients, eCommerce platforms, carriers and other systems.

There is some danger in clients launching new initiatives without a complete understanding of the overall data flow and its impacts on customer service and/or processes. As a process partner, Warwick helps to bridge that gap with our overall understanding of the dataflow and systems interfaces. Here are two examples:

  1. Client X implemented a new returns partner without consulting with Warwick relative to the requirements, set up, and implementation in Shopify.

  2. The client team utilized a comment field in Shopify that was designated for gift messages in the order load process when orders are sent to Warwick.

  3. This resulted in Warwick receiving orders with the return data being passed to Warwick as a gift message.

  4. Warwick was able to manually fix each order, and then work with the client to repair the process using an alternate field.

  5. With advance consultation with Warwick, the client could have saved money and avoided negative customer impacts.

Another example:

  1. Client Z had experienced issues with overselling product due to incorrect inventory on hand in Shopify. The client team reached out to both its Marketing Agency and Warwick to get this issue resolved.

  2. The Marketing Agency team incorrectly indicated that the issue was stemming from Warwick sending the wrong on hand amounts in the daily inventory sync file.

  3. Warwick was able to respond to both parties outlining the inventory update process that was established at the time of onboarding where the inventory update goes from the client to the Marketing Agency and Shopify.

  4. When Warwick learned of Client Z's request to fix the issue, Warwick was able to clarify the overall data flow between multiple integrated systems, some at Warwick and some external in order to quickly repair the synchronization issue.

The bottom line: Warwick knows its piece of the puzzle. We do our best work with clients who treat us as a valued technical and operations partner, so that we can help clients deliver on the promises they make to customers. We would love to assist with your program. Please reach out so that we can start a discussion.


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