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COVID-19 Update

We plan to continue to update you on how COVID-19 is impacting Warwick throughout the coming weeks. The headline today is that while COVID-19 has now arrived in Warwick's area, we are continuing with normal operations and taking aggressive steps to contain any impact on business operations. When we last updated you on March 10, there were just 6 cases reported in Maryland. There are now 37, which remains small compared to the state's population of 6 million. However, COVID has now arrived in our part of the state, with a case reported in neighboring county. The Governor of Maryland has closed all schools, effective this morning. While we were concerned about the impact on attendance this morning, 96% of staff reported. We held an all-hands meeting this morning, answering staff questions and emphasizing the following new steps:

  • Acted to physically disperse staff by spreading out workstations and staggering break times.

  • Enacting a formal schedule to continuously sanitize work surfaces throughout the facility.

  • Setting up fever screening for all staff at the beginning of each workday.

  • Planned for managers to assist in core business operations, and sought to identify local hospitality-industry workers who might be available for temporary employment over the coming weeks.

While our shipping carriers have generally warned that some delivery delays are possible, all continue to pick up packages from Warwick on their regular schedules.

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As always, we welcome your questions. Please reply directly to me, or reach out to your Account Manager.

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