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COVID-19 Update

This is to update you on Warwick's status with COVID-19. We have decided that weekly updates on Mondays are likely the appropriate frequency, though you are always welcome to contact us with questions at any time.

Warwick continues to operate normally.

The Governor of Maryland just completed a press conference during which he ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in the state, beginning at 5 PM today. However, Warwick is deemed an essential business because it is a crucial part of both the Transportation and Food Supply sectors of the economy. You can read the state's interpretive guidance here. Please see sections I5 and M9 for the specific provisions that exempt Warwick from the closure order.

The image above, from Maryland's official COVID site, shows the location and numbers of COVID infections throughout the state as of this morning. While infection numbers statewide are rising, Warwick's rural location continues to insulate us. There are currently zero reported cases in Dorchester County, where Warwick is located. We have just completed an all-hands meeting to ensure that our staff is fully informed of the Governor's new initiatives today, and to re-emphasize the importance of preventing the spread of infection, both at work and at home. Our attendance rates remain normal, and we are continuing to process receiving, orders, returns and customer care at normal rates. Please take care of the people in your lives, and we promise to do the same. As always, feel free to contact your Account Manager or me with any questions. I will update you again next Monday, or sooner if circumstances warrant it.

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