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Warwick Fulfillment & Freestyle Solutions Integration with Mozu eCommerce Platform

Freestyle Commerce Now Available for Mozu eCommerce Platform

HURLOCK, MD &PARSIPPANY, NJ, –Warwick Fulfillment, a leading provider of direct to consumer and business to business fulfillment and IT integration services, and Freestyle Solutions, the leading provider of essential order management solutions to mid-sized retailers and brands, today announced that Freestyle O.M.S., the cloud-based order management solution is now available with seamless integration to the Mozu eCommerce platform.

As a trusted partner with extensive expertise in fulfillment and fulfillment IT, Freestyle Solutions turned to Warwick Fulfillment’s IT integration division, Warwick Works’, to design the connector enabling Freestyle O.M.S. to support the Mozu platform. This integration marries the MOZU enterprise commerce platform, which offers global content management, dynamic site building and publishing capabilities, with Freestyle’s cloud based order management solution. The integration offers today’s omnichannel brands ease of access to more robust order management capabilities required to compete in today’s multi-channel marketplace.

“With Freestyle O.M.S., retailers have a single view into their business operations across multiple sales channels, providing them with insights to make better informed decisions to grow their business,” said Fred Lizza, CEO, Freestyle Solutions. “With the support for Mozu through Warwick Works, we can dramatically improve the customer experience by providing an unified view of orders across channels.”

MOZU offers an enterprise level web platform. With Warwick Work’s integration, Freestyle O.M.S. is now easily accessible via an installable application that can be downloaded from the MOZU store.

“We have worked with Freestyle for some years now and were thrilled when they introduced their cloud based OMS solution, Freestyle O.M.S.. Understanding today’s Omni channel brands and order management requirements in a user friendly cloud system has long been a gap in the marketplace,” stated Wayne Bryan, Senior IT Manager at Warwick.

About Warwick Fulfillment

Warwick is a professional services company that provides seamless direct to consumer and business to business fulfillment services. Warwick's teams of fulfillment professionals embrace the challenges of today’s multi-channel marketplace and thrive on supporting our Clients. Our culture, systems and skills are agile; they mirror the continuously evolving requirements of our clients who must change their business models to take advantage of new market place opportunities. The team assembled at Warwick shares a robust resume that spans diverse product categories. When we say "you name it we've probably fulfilled it" we mean it. Apparel, footwear, furniture, food….breakable, bulky, small, delicate, oversized items- you get the picture.

Warwick Works is Warwick Fulfillment’s stand-alone OMS integration solution provider. Our Warwick Works team of IT professionals design comprehensive order management system integrations with commerce platforms and physical facilities. For more information about Warwick and Warwick Works visit us at or contact Chris Mushinsky at 410.943.0696 ext. 106

About Freestyle Solutions

Freestyle Solutions provides enterprise-class order and inventory management solutions for high-growth retailers and brands, at a low cost of ownership. With Freestyle, retailers can obtain a unified view of supply and demand across all sales channels to optimize inventory and fulfill customer orders more efficiently. Available in both cloud and on-premise delivery models, Freestyle software is highly scalable, configurable, and can be easily integrated with frontend, backend and other third party systems through RESTful APIs. Freestyle is a trusted and proven technology provider, with more than 2,000 customers and 30 years of expertise developing order management software. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @freestyleOMS. Freestyle Solutions Contact:

Scott Todaro for Freestyle Solutions


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