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Warwick Fulfillment Expands its Team

Hurlock, Maryland - Warwick Fulfillment Solutions announces the expansion of its team to include fulfillment veteran, Tom Hartman. Tom is no stranger to the Warwick Fulfillment team having previously worked for Warwick's President, Mike Wilt, at Mike's former company, Interactive Marketing Services.*

Tom spent 26 years in consumer fulfillment and most recently was at Filtek/Netrada where he was intimately involved in all aspects of international ecommerce including product restrictions, duties/tariffs, global transportation, international payment types and global interactive marketing. Tom has long been a proponent of integrated end-to-end ecommerce solutions and the merging of relationships between web store platform software companies and fulfillment partners.

Over the years Tom has crafted fulfillment solutions for a broad range of industries from entertainment (Time-Life, Polygram) to Cosmetics/Consumer Products (J&J, P&G, L'Oreal, Avon) , from technology (Microsoft, Fuji) to apparel (Bluefly Barrie Pace), from luxury brands (Mercedes Benz, Waterford Crystal, Duty Free Shops) to table top (Touchstone, National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute). "Warwick Fulfillment Solutions has a unique approach to fulfillment which attracted me to the other fulfillment operation offers Warwick's end-to-end solution for both retail replenishment and ecommerce fulfillment," stated Tom Hartman. Tom joins Warwick as Senior VP of New Business Development. "Additionally, having worked for Mike and with the Warwick team in a 'former life' I know what this team is capable of doing" Tom Hartman's arrival at Warwick marks Warwick's continued commitment to bi-coastal end-to-end fulfillment with a focus on the apparel, cosmetics and food industries. "We are pleased to have Tom join the team...since we have all worked together before we find ourselves in perfect step right from the start...We all believe in the importance of fulfillment as a part of the ecommerce branded solution for our clients," stated Mike Wilt, President.

*Interactive Marketing Services was sold and subsequently acquired by a company that rolled up into GSI Commerce

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