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Free Country Selects Warwick Fulfillment

Free Country, the recreational outerwear, active wear and swimwear company established by Ira Schwartz in 1990, launched its first direct to consumer website in October 2012. In deciding to add this sales channel, Free Country knew that finding the right fulfillment and customer care partner was a key factor in the success of its on line business.

"Free Country has long been successful in building its sales at retail. We felt the timing was right to launch our first direct to consumer website. Selecting the right fulfillment partner was a strategically important decision. It was about so much more than just picking a warehouse – it was about selecting a provider who could support our brand requirements and represent our brand in each and every consumer contact,” stated David Klaus, Free Country's Consumer/Ecommerce Multimedia Manager. Warwick has been providing ecommerce fulfillment and customer care services for Free Country since its direct to consumer site launched just prior to the onset of the 2012 holiday season. “It is all about meeting client expectations. When Free Country said they needed to “go-live” for holiday 2012, we knew that for our team that would not be an issue,” said Mike Wilt, Warwick’s President. For more information about Free Country go to

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