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Edo Popken selects Warwick Fulfillment

Edo Popken, the Swiss luxury apparel brand, has selected Warwick Fulfillment Solutions as its catalog/ecommerce fulfillment/customer care provider. Edo Popken, whose flagship store is located in Zurich, Switzerland, is known for its high quality, fashion forward apparel. The brand started in 1880 by the Popken family and is today run by fourth generation, Edo Popken.

In making a decision to come to the U.S. Edo Popken was concerned about the quality of customer care associated with his brand. Looking for a provider who understands our customer and whose culture was one of adapting the brand image to their customer service protocols was not easy. We needed a partner who understood the importance of each shipment to a customer. We selected Warwick for their keen sense of customer centric service and their overall understanding of luxury apparel brand requirements. stated Edo Popken.

The Edo Popken men's collection includes a line of limited edition dress shirts. Each shirt is one of only 111 in a particular design making them fashion works of art. Mr. Popken carefully designs each piece with special details like blending various threads to create a three dimensional appearance on a striped shirt. The line also includes outerwear, ties, slacks, accessories and custom apparel items such as the Popken renowned Bavarian Loden Blazer tailored from exquisite Loden fabric in fabulous bold colors - a personal favorite of Edo Popken. Due to the higher standards luxury apparel brands demand, many of our competitors will shy away from these businesses. At Warwick we have an operational attitude suited towards meeting the exacting standards that luxury apparel brand like Edo Popken require, stated Michael Wilt, Warwick Fulfillment Solutions President. Warwick Fulfillment Solutions provides end-to-end e-commerce services to Clients in varied consumer product categories. For more information about Edo Popken visit Edo Popken on Facebook.

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