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Warwick Fulfillment Solutions Well-Positioned for Anticipated Growth

Mike Wilt, President, and Jack Dellose, CFO/EVP and co-owners of Warwick Fulfillment Solutions announced that they have purchased Warwick's Hurlock, Maryland facility. Warwick Fulfillment Solutions provides services related to data exchange and physical warehousing and movement of product sold on the internet and by retailers. Its facility, which was constructed in 2000, was previously owned by a local business person who leased the facility to Warwick Fulfillment Solutions. "By taking ownership of the building, Warwick is able to make long term improvements and with additional acreage surrounding the property there is potential for expansion on site, stated Mike Wilt. Warwick anticipates additional growth as a result of the expanding business to the Baltimore area due to its deep water port and increase in business from the Panama Canal expansion."

Warwick's owners cite the building's location as a factor in the company's success of the last 5 years. Located in the basic geographic footprint as their previous fulfillment company, Interactive Marketing Services (or IMS as it was most commonly known), Warwick is able to pull from a labor pool with a heritage and expertise in the various disciplines that compose ecommerce and B2B fulfillment services. IMS was considered one of the nation's top fulfillment providers with clients that included Abercrombie and Fitch, American Bar Association (ABA), Avon, Godiva Chocolatier, IEEE, Microsoft and more. The sale of their prior company, IMS, was in part precipitated by IMS reputation and caliber of the company's client base. Wilt and Dellose stated that they have been very pleased with the quality of applicants from pick/pack warehouse personnel to information technology specialists that compose the Warwick staff today. "It is the combination of the right facility, systems and team that drive success in the fulfillment industry. We are fortunate to have all three at Warwick Fulfillment Solutions," stated Mike Wilt.Warwick has experienced a 22% increase in revenue year to year since 2010 - 38% of this growth has come from new accounts; 62% from expansion of service to existing clients. Warwick Fulfillment Solutions has built on its reputation, past and present, as a quality end-to-end b2b and b2c fulfillment provider. Today's its account base includes national companies and associations, many of whom utilize both Warwick direct to consumer (b2c) as well as its b2b services. "We appreciate the banking relationship we have established with Provident State Bank and their recognition of our past successes, current growth rate and future growth potential. It has been our track record to build on our account base by providing excellent service, expanding on the services provided for each account and attracting new accounts that seek our brand of flexible services," stated Jack Dellose.

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