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Alchimie Forever Chose Warwick Fulfillment Solutions

Alchimie Forever, a Swiss skincare company, developed by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Luigi Polla and biomedical researcher specializing in immune-allergy and antioxidant technologies, Dr. Barbara Polla, selected Warwick Fulfillment Solutions as its U.S. fulfillment provider.

The skincare line is based on the need for post-procedure skincare and was formulated to treat sensitized skin and accentuate anti-aging benefits. It was the Polla family’s dedication to the development of anti-aging technologies, research of antioxidants and the use of lasers in dermatology led to the creation of Alchimie Forever. Today, the line is distributed and marketed in Europe and the US by the founders’ eldest daughter, Ada Polla. Her three sisters, Cyrille, Rachel, and Roxane are shareholders and share in the strategic direction of the company.

In coming to the US, Alchimie Forever was seeking a provider that understood the category and had expertise in both B2B and B2C fulfillment. Anne Pouillot, the Director of Logistics, was key in selecting Warwick as Alchimie Forever’s fulfillment partner.

“We needed a provider that offered expertise as well as flexibility. Our business is consistently growing and with this growth comes the needs for solutions that allow us to respond to market place opportunities” stated Ada Polla, CEO, Alchimie Forever.

Warwick’s services to Alchimie Forever include routing guide compliance for B2B shipments, kitting and branded B2C fulfillment. “We are excited to add another quality brand from Europe to our client roster. The team and product line is top notch and it is our pleasure to be a part of supporting Alchimie Forever’s growth in the U.S” stated Leeanne Hobbs, Warwick Account Manager for Alchimie Forever.

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