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Warwick Fulfillment is Reducing Their Environmental Footprint and Electric Bill with Solar Power

Hurlock, Maryland — Warwick Fulfillment, a provider of direct to consumer and business to business fulfillment services, recently installed a 114.24 kW solar system at their facility in Hurlock, MD. The roof-mount system, which consists of 336 solar panels, was installed by Paradise Energy Solutions of Salisbury, MD.

With an expected production of 142,038 kWH (Kilowatt-Hours) of electricity in the first year, the new solar system’s production will offset roughly 106.8 tons of CO2 and 225.2 barrels of oil each year. “Warwick Fulfillment Solutions has long been concerned with “green” business solutions,” said Chris Mushinsky of Warwick Fulfillment Solutions. “The move to solar power is another step in a continuous process of finding the balance between daily business requirements/operation and environmentally responsible processes.”

The environment isn’t the only thing benefiting from the first few months of solar production. Warwick Fulfillment is already reaping the financial benefits. “We have already, in just a few months, experienced a 40% reduction in the cost of our energy bills.” said Mushinsky.

Paradise Energy Solutions is a family-owned full service solar installation company that provides turnkey grid-tied solar installations throughout the mid-Atlantic region for businesses, farmers, and homeowners. “The team was experienced in the actual physical installation – which occurred in a timely, efficient manner,” said Mushinsky. “And, our contacts at PES were able to assist us when it came to working with state authorities to gain proper business benefits from the installation of the solar panels. In addition, PES’ installation process was totally non-invasive to our roofing structure.”

For additional information on Warwick Fulfillment Solutions, call 410-943-0696 or visit

For additional information on how you could benefit by going solar, call 410-845-2829 or visit to schedule a free site assessment.

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