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New VP Finds Fulfillment at Warwick

Hurlock, Maryland - Warwick Fulfillment Solutions has announced the hiring of Dave Lewis as Vice President - Business Development. An industry veteran, Lewis previously enjoyed outstanding success working with many key members of the Warwick team in his role as Vice President - Sales, Marketing & Client Relations of IMS, Warwick’s predecessor. At IMS, Dave sold and managed relationships with clients including Abercrombie & Fitch, Ben & Jerry’s, Best Buy, Cheesecake Factory, MTV, Topps, and USAA.

“We have been successful in this business because of three factors: Unmatched management experience, total operational flexibility and a great location” Lewis said. “When major brands first decided to get into eCommerce, they chose this management team as partners. They did so because Mike Wilt is a fulfillment industry pioneer with IT expertise, and he has always surrounded himself with great talent. We are successful because we don’t ask clients to accept how we do things. We adapt to how clients want to do them. Lastly, we are perfectly located on east coast to be able to efficiently ship to consumers, who expect to get their orders quickly.”

In addition to his previous work in fulfillment, Dave has worked extensively as a management consultant and is an award-winning three-time entrepreneur, with ventures in retail and consumer goods. Lewis said “I am very excited to be back in the fulfillment business with Warwick. I’ve had some of the most satisfying moments of my career working with this group of people, and that was a major driver of my return. Mutual respect and empathy are huge factors in successful business relationships, and I’m looking forward to putting my entrepreneurial experience to work to help our clients navigate.”

Warwick CEO MIke Wilt said “It’s great to have Dave Lewis back in the fold. We experienced some of our greatest accomplishments with Dave as a key member of the team. We’re looking forward to the next chapter.”

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