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Jomers Steps-Up Customer Satisfaction with Warwick Partnership

Jomers, the menswear brand, today announced that it has selected Warwick Fulfillment Services, a full-scale third-party logistics (3PL) provider, as their fulfillment partner for the menswear startup’s ever-evolving product line.

New York, New York (PRWEB) April 29, 2017

Jomers, the menswear brand with a cult-like following in the men’s fashion world, today announced that it has selected Warwick Fulfillment Services, a full-scale third-party logistics (3PL) provider, as their fulfillment partner for the menswear startup’s ever-evolving product line.

“We’d considered a logistics partner for a while,” said Meyer Dagmy, CEO and Founder of Jomers, “but we were hesitant to work with an outside company that may not have the same attention to detail, the flexibility, or the proven experience with our customers as the Jomers team. We even considered our own warehouse space and a more vertically integrated fulfillment model. That hesitation around a logistics partner disappeared when we met with the Warwick team.”

This desire for a combination of know-how, ability, and an impressive track record led to Jomers’ partnership with Warwick Fulfillment Solutions. Warwick Fulfillment Solutions is a full-scale 3PL firm based on Maryland’s eastern shore in the heart of the mid-Atlantic region, a location that strategically sits within 1-2 day shipping of over half of the United States. Warwick has a focus on providing expertise and solution-oriented partnerships to e-commerce companies such as Jomers.

In many ways, Warwick and Jomers are the perfect match. “We welcome Jomers to our roster of apparel clients,” said Mike Wilt, President of Warwick Fulfillment Solutions, “Warwick is focused on representing the brand in every step of the fulfillment process. We know that today’s brands, especially startups like Jomers, are continuously looking at new marketing programs that require our team to promptly and effectively support these efforts. We look forward to supporting Jomers’ impressive growth in the marketplace.”

Through this partnership, the Jomers team hopes to boost customer experience and shift their focus and energy to doing what they do best - providing incredible menswear at a fraction of typical prices. Through their unique sourcing model, Jomers has successfully trimmed the fat between the actual cost of producing menswear and the inflated high pricing model that “hyped” brands often utilize. The success of this approach, marked by the product lines that sell out almost as quickly as they’re released, cemented their need for a strategic and pro-active logistics partner.

Jomers has already noticed an uptick in productivity. Previously, it would take 3-4 days of the Jomers’ team time to fulfill and process 1,000 orders. Now with Warwick on board, the turn around time for the same amount of product is down to a single day, increasing customer satisfaction. It frees the Jomers team up to focus on other areas of business growth, including expanding their ever-changing lineup of unique high-quality menswear. Known for shaving zeros off of traditional luxury fabrics and clothing, including highly covetable materials such as Kurabo denim and Tollegno 1900 wools, Jomers plans to use the extra boost in efficiency to allow for an expanded product line.

“As a startup, we’re looking for ways to scale effectively without losing the hands-on quality we’ve been able to provide to customers,” said Dagmy. “Until recently, up to half of Jomers’ resources were spent on shipping. With Warwick, we’ve seen a direct product effect. They have extensive expertise in the apparel space and a commitment to providing the absolute best in customer service. We’re really happy to be able to put more of our focus on sourcing and delivering the best fabrics and clothing to our customers. We’re also thrilled that the experience customers have with our ordering process is a highly available and responsive one. Fashion today is ‘on-demand’ and we’re really excited to be able to get new items into our customers’ hands that much faster.”

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