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Woohoo! We've Updated Our Logo!

Warwick Fulfillment Solutions has updated its logo! The new logo is the result of a conscious process to reflect who we are as a company. Box icons are common in our industry for obvious reasons, but we’ve added elements to imbue our logo with greater meaning.

The puzzle tabs represent Warwick’s ability to mesh perfectly with client and 3rd party systems to provide a seamless experience to customers. The box is perched on its corner, representing both motion and our team’s ability to look at Client needs with a fresh eye for solutions that make a difference for our clients, in terms both of saving money and enhancing the service experience.

We chose the colors of bright blue, spring green and metallic silver to represent our solid foundation in business fundamentals; our commitment to innovative and environmentally-sensitive new thinking; and our ongoing mission to solve complex logistics problems with strong technology solutions.

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